Singapore Projects

Natural Power Projects in Singapore.

Natural Power is made from all-natural ingredients thus it is ideal for use in homes with infants, children or seniors with low resistance to infections. Natural Power is also well suited to facilities where occupant health is critical, such as hospitals, senior care facilities, schools, kindergartens and daycare facilities.


Medical Clinic @ Farrer Park Medical Centre

The purpose of this Medical Unit is the full and proper healing of its patients’ medical issues. Natural Power Paint & Flooring is used inside this medical clinic, helping the clinic with its purpose.

Natural Power has been skilfully incorporated into the examination rooms, reception and doctor’s office. The extensive use of Natural Power in this clinic, provides a degree of protection against the sick building syndrome. The soothing negative-ions contribute to the comfortable and tranquil environment.

Dr Richard Sim :“I myself have allergies, so I want to avoid sick building syndrome. That’s the reason why we used Natural Power. These walls are anti-bacterial, absorb moisture and do not give off any odour. People can come to this office without having to worry about sick building syndrome. For a medical office such as ours, you have to keep issues like this one in mind. I’d like to continue giving good quality medical care in this office.” 


Cat Hotel -

Natural Power Paint is used at this new Cat Hotel in Singapore. An exclusive Hotel for cats, it is cage-free and clean, with cats housed in individual rooms (not cubicles). Natural Power excellent Anti-bacterial and Deodorization properties help create a comfortable and clean environment for the cats.

Rebecca Ho: “One of the things that cat owners are most concerned with is the environment, and we’re especially concerned with maintaining the air and smell. When we looked into renovating the Cat Hotel, we looked for natural materials that would provide the cats with a safe environment, and we found Natural Power.


Child Care Centre

This nursery school looks after children ranging in age from 3 years to 6 years. Natural Power Paint is used in this child care centre, chiefly for its anti-bacterial and odour control properties. Sunflowerikids :” We want to provide a cleaner and healthier enviornment for the children and staff