AntiOxidant Mattress, Anti-OXidant Mattress
Price $250 per roll (110cm by 190cm)
Comfortable and durable Sericite based mattress protector. Sleep comfortably on a mattress with anti-bacterial properties and that releases beneficial negative-ions
Special Features
  • Size: 110cm x 190cm

  • Thickness: 7.0mm

  • Purify air by giving off 400 to 800 natural negative ions/cc. (Compiles with KCL FIR 1002)

  • Increase vitality by giving off far infrared radiation and aiding in deep sleep.

  • The chemical features of natural Sericite generates more oxygen, creating a healthier indoor enviornment.

  • Made from safe material tested by recognized Korean certification agency and has passed the safety test, free from hazardous substances (heavy metals, formaldehyde, etc.).

  • Has antimicrobial properties.