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for your Children
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Most indoor air is stale and contain low levels of VOCs ( usually given off by conventional paint, furniture, carpetting etc. ) Our children spend most of their times indoor, especially during the night when they are fast asleep. (usually in an air conditioned room, circulating the same stale air all night long) Painting the walls and ceiling with Natural Power Paint can help freshen up the air due to the paint's unique properties.


Natural Power Paint is a completely new and afforadable paint that that controls room

humidity, reduces odour, harmful substances  and generates negative-ions. It is made of sericite minerals (emits negative ions at a constant rate)  using trusted Korean technology. Natural Power Paint contributes to a cleaner and healther indoor living environment 24/7, silently,  without adding to the electricity bill. 


Why Natural Power Paint








Leads to better sleep for your child

Better focus for your child

Very low VOC and Non-toxic paint

Maintain A Comfortable Level Of Humidity

Has anti-bacterial properties

Detoxing Effect of Negative-Ions In The Air

Reduces Harmful Positive-Ions In The Air (Positive-Ions Are Generated By Electrical Equipment) 

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