Beautiful, hardy, water resistent, Sericite based vinyl flooring. Comes in 4 designs. Has anti-bacterial properties and releases beneficial negative-ions
  • Size: 184mm x 950mm

  • Thickness: 3.0mm (UV Coating 0.3mm)

  • Packing: 19 pcs (3.32m2) in a carton

  • Surface: Vinyl

  • Style: Plank

  • Installation: Loose Lay or Glue


Special Features
  • Destroy 99.9% of bacteria without use of chemicals (Compiles with KCL FIR 1002)

  • Emitting negative-ions 300~500ea/cm3 that helps to activate the body. (Compiles with KCL FIR 1042)

  • Formaldehyde free (Compiles with EPA 8315, HPLC)

  • The chemical features of natural Sericite generates additional oxygen, creating a healthier indoor enviornment.

  • Helps prevent sick house syndrome

  • Water repellent coated so you can clean the  surface with water easily.

  • Gives off over 91% far infrared radiation at room temperature and provides a warm and pleasant indoor environment

Design Samples

Please request samples for accurate comparisons.