About Sericite


Sericite is a unique volcanic rock created during the Mesozoic and Jurassic period, about 15 000 years ago. Owning to its special molecular structure and mineral composition, Sericite can easily cause catalytic reductions to occur. Such catalytic reductions allows us to enjoy the benefits of deodorization, sterilization, and ionization.

Key Benefits of Natural Power

99.9% Anti-Bacterial

Natural Power destroys 99.9% of bacteria without the use of chemicals.  The negative-ions deactivate microbes such as bacteria and fungi. Due to the absorptive quality of Natural Power, bacteria will be absorbed and decomposed into non-harmful substance within the wall.

Generates Negative- Ions

Natural Power naturally gives off large qualities of negative ions due to the unique molecular structure and mineral composition of Sericite. Negative-ions are known to reduce asthma, allerges, depression, migraine and fartigue. Negative ions promote sleep, improve mental focus, reinforce collagen and are anti-aging. Extensive research has been done on the positive effects of negative-ions on health. 

Wall Painted with Natural Power Paint

(reading: 629 negative ions/cm3)

Wall Painter with Regular Paint

(Reading: 3 negative ions/cm3)

90.3% Odour Absorption

Natural Power is perfect for indoor environments, especially bathrooms and rooms with pets, as it has a deodorising effect. The odour molecules combine with the negative ions (emitted by Sericite), and are absorbed into the paint. This catalytic reduction helps to reduce odour.


The results can be seen below. The odour of ammonia from washrooms and pets is mostly eliminated in 30 minutes

Humidity Control

The Sericite in Nautral Power has a moisture absorptive property which absorbs moisture when the indoor humidity is high, thus cooling the air. This can lead to savings on the electric bill as less power is consumed by the air-conditioner. 


Conversely when the indoor humidity is low, it releases the moisture thus maintaining a comfortable level of humidity


Nautral Power Wall paint will absorb moisture when the indoor humidity is high

Nautral Power Wall paint will release moisture when the indoor humidity is low