About Natural Power

Natural Power is a completely new building material that controls room humidity, odour, harmful substances  and generates negative-ions. Natural Power is made of sericite minerals using trusted Korean technology. Natural Power products contribute to a cleaner and healther indoor living environment. 
Our Company

Natural Power Eco Product is a family owned and operated business that was setup in 2014. We are the exclusive dealer of Natural Power Paint in Singapore.  The company was founded to provide consumers with the healthiest paint available on the market.The founder has suffered from asthma since childhood. A clean enviromment has always been a top priority for him. When he chanced upon Natural Power Paint, he realised that there was a need for an environment friendly, indoor air-purifying and heath promoting paint in Singapore. Natural Power Paint is widely avaliable in Korea and Japan. It is now available in Singapore for the first time!

Our Mission

At Natural Power, our mission is to help people discover the beauty and performance of natural paint made with Sericite. We believe in the importance of good health and a clean environment. We want to give the health and environmently conscious clients the option to choose an eco-friendly and healthy paint. Read more on the benefits of Natural Power Paint

About Dong Yang E&P

Dong Yang E&P is a well established Korean company. They are the manufacturer of Natural Power and have been in operations since May 2006. They have been awarded numerous patents and certification for their Sericite based building materials. For more information about Natural Power, please visit www.dyep.co.kr/