Air Purifying Paint

Improve Your Indoor Environment


Natural Power is a completely new building material that controls room humidity, odour, harmful substances  and generates negative-ions. Natural Power is made of sericite minerals using trusted Korean technology. Natural Power products contribute to a cleaner and healther indoor living environment.

Sericite Stone

Sericite is a unique volcanic rock created during the Mesozoic and Jurassic period, about 15 000 years ago. Owning to its special molecular structure and mineral composition, Sericite can easily cause catalytic reductions to occur. Such catalytic reductions allows us to enjoy the benefits of deodorization, sterilization, and ionization.


Natural Power Paint


Unique Sericite based interior paint, has a matt finish and comes in 18 colours. Releases negative-ions, regulates humidity, absorbs odour and has anti-bacterials properties.

Natural Power Floor


Beautiful, hardy, water resistent, Sericite based vinyl flooring. Comes in 4 designs. Has anti-bacterial properties and releases beneficial negative-ions